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Kirby Muxloe Primary School

"Overall we are pleased with consistency, reliability and hard work that the staff at Football & Fitness display – many of our staff have learnt a lot from them"

Danielle Carpenter, PE Coordinator, Kirby Muxloe Primary School

Old Mill Primary School

"Old Mill have been using Football and Fitness for the past year and will be continuing indefinitely. We currently have 4 coaches covering Key Stage 2 PPA, and 2 of those coaches run after school clubs. We are also branching out into holiday courses, given the quality we have experienced so far from Football and Fitness. Sessions are energetic, engaging, challenging and well organised. Coaches are professional, knowledgeable, punctual and reliable. The quality of sessions delivered is high and pupil's enjoyment and engagement in P.E. has risen since these sessions started. Parents have also commented on how positive the coaching has been, particularly with our more able pupils. Health and safety is always paramount, ensuring pupils are safe, and relationships between coaches and pupils are fantastic."

Alison Smith, Head Teacher, Old Mill Primary School

Glen Hills Primary School

"The recent Government funding for P.E. at Glen Hills has been invested in employing specialist sport coaches to teach our P.E. lessons this year. Over the course of this year we have found that Football and Fitness have successfully provided the school with high quality PE teaching and learning across all year groups. The impact of this has had a very positive influence at the school in a number of ways.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the children always look forward to lessons, are enthusiastic and engaged in lessons and coaches have formed an excellent rapport with pupils. Observations of lessons have shown that the pupils are constantly improving their knowledge and understanding of skills, are acquiring new skills, and are engaging in lessons that challenge them to the best of their ability. Football and Fitness have introduced a wide range of activities that are fun and encourage all children to participate and enjoy P.E and sports at Glen Hills.

We are confident that standards of teaching and learning are even higher than ever. Pupils are being given opportunities to learn play new sports and games. It is not just the pupils who benefit from receiving more specialised teaching and coaching. Staff feel they have also gained invaluable experience by observing the coaches teaching styles, the range of activities and ideas for games coaches have provided. Many also feel it has given them the confidence to teach PE more effectively themselves. Observations by the staff have also enabled teachers to see pupils progress in all areas of PE and how much children have developed across the academic year."

Kerry Walker, PE Coordinator, Glen Hills Primary School

Woodford Halse School

"Football and fitness have worked in our school for two years. Their work on improving PE standards has been exemplary and has significantly raised the standard of P.E. teaching in our school. The quality of their clubs is regularly commented upon by our parents and carers. We would highly recommend them to any school seeking this type of support."

Mike Wills, Woodford Halse Primary (northants)

Ravenhurst Primary School

"Football and Fitness were extremely helpful and motivated in bringing the local community of schools together. They organised a competition and training which was run with efficiency. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and there was a clear improvement in the skills they were using. They made the competition fun and also promoted respect and co-operation between the teams. They run with an idea that our schools had and made it a very positive and influential programme.

Not only did they do this but they have been running a girls football club after-schools for a few terms, which has seen a dramatic increase in the skills of girls in football, as well as the interest in football for girls."

Kimberley Kelly, Ravenhurst Primary, Leicester